Cinderella With A Twist By Heba

Early one starved morning Cinderella awoken in her lumpy, polluted, bed. Suddenly, as she passed out of bed she heard a rather strange noise approach the dreaded room. Step by Step, the pounding footsteps became louder and louder…She heard a slight silence then saw a brown stain rise upon the floor. How devastating,what’s going on? She thought. She approached towards the door. This had gone too far, she thought. She crept an eye through the keyhole of the door, nor did she see anything or hear a slight. Maybe it was all clear, she took out her hand an opened the dusty door. “BOO!” Shouted a voice from behind the door. She couldn’t believe her eyes, it was her horrible stepsisters Anastasia and Drizella! “What a shock! Right Drizella? You should’ve seen your face Snot-Cinder!” Laughed Anastasia nastily.”I know right! i’m so posting it on Instagram!” Claimed Drizella. Cinderella was devastated how could she have fallen for such a thing? She was miserable and now several tears had fallen down her cheek but she still had a suprising life to follow….

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  1.   rum2016 on December 11th, 2016          Reply

    wow heba this is amazing
    hope you win ^_^

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