Winter Scene Inspiration By Heba

As the trees swift for one side to another,

Dancing snowflakes like every other.

Whilst the moon beams,

 Lights enliven and the Christmas trees gleam!

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  1.   im2016 on December 2nd, 2016          Reply

    Hi this is IQRAA so I thought yours was marvellous I even think you might win but…………. Next time many do a little more I know that it’s about punctuation not how big but no worries it was still great good luck

  2.   rum2016 on December 11th, 2016          Reply

    amazing im speech less

    its me rumail^_^

  3.   hk2016 on January 9th, 2017          Reply

    Thanks for the feedback guys and I’ll definitely try and improve my writing! XD

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