The long goodnight

It was the week before christmas the 20th to be precise, the kids had all broke up from school and it had been snowing on and off for the last week so the ground was covered in a coat of fluffy snow. Dad had just finished work and was pulling on the drive way with an anonymous christmas tree tied to the top of his car, it was freezing out side you could see his breath hitting the cold air. Me and Dj my brother that is ran out help my dad that was struggling not that we could do much to help. We always got a real tree it was like a tradition mum loved the smell off a real tree in the house it brought the feel of christmas home. Eventually we managed to get the tree into the house and dad took his coat off and gave us all a hug. Mum was in the kitchen ” brew dear” she said and dad replied “yes please that would be lovely” and sat down in his chair the one by the fire with the foot rest for after a hard days work. Dad worked at airport on baggage it was the busiest time of the year and he had just finished a 13 hour shift and was worn out but always had time for us when he got home. He called me over and asked me what i had done with my day and i told him that i had been playing in the snow with Dj and my friends. I told him we had built a snowman that was as high as the tree’s and he just laughed. “What about you Dj” dad said. “What Lele said and we also had a snowball fight which was really fun. Mum came in with dads brew and asked him how his day had gone. He replied ” It was a strange one to be honest dear the light kept going out and the belts stopped working it caused mayhem but seemed to get better towards the end of the shift” Trevor his mate at work said “it must be gremlins” and laughed. Footloose was on the tv so we settled down to watch it when all of a sudden the lights went out. Dad jumped up and tried the switches and went down to the cellar to check if the fuse had gone but when mum looked out of the window she saw that the whole street was out, no the whole town…………………


……………………………………… To Be Continued………………………………….


by Aaliyah Anderson

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  1.   rum2016 on December 10th, 2016          Reply

    wow Aaliyah all that description has made a clear picture in my head

  2.   Mrs Vaughan on December 21st, 2016          Reply

    Great writing.I love the direct speech about the ‘brew’.

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