The snow man:by Jack Xu


Down in the valley, there was a village. Beside the village, there was a huge ground that the kids could play on.

It was winter now, at those days, there was always snowflake flying in the sky. The snowflake made the ground as white as a paper. Some kids wearing heavy coat, were playing on the ground.

Suddenly, a kid called Tom had an idea, he said to everybody: ‘let’s make a snow man!’ ‘Good idea! Let’s do it right now!’ Everyone agreed happily. So they first found a place that can roll the snow ball, then, they made a little snow ball. ‘I will roll it!’ said Tom. He started to roll it. The ball began to get bigger and bigger, at last the ball touching the ground. That small snow ball became a huge, white ball. It could be snowman’s trunk. The kids soon finished a little snow ball, it could be snowman’s head. Just then, a question came to everyone’s head: how to make snowman’s arm? After about 1 minute, Shadow had another idea: ‘let us use a straight stick to make snowman’s arms!’ he said with excitement. ‘Perfect, it IS really a good idea!’ The rest of the kids said to him. Soon, they found a straight stick, and they put it through the snowman’s trunk.

‘I think we have added some more things on the snow man… Oh, it was eyes, nose, and mouth,’ said shadow. ‘You are right,’ said Tom. So Tom going to find those things, he ran back to his house, going to get two cornflakes to made snowman’s eyes, a carrot to made snowman’s nose, and a broken pencil to made snowman’s mouth. When the kids saw Tom was back, they were so excited to put those things on. ‘Let’s put snowman’s eyes, nose, and mouth on!’ ‘We’ve done it!’ the kids shouted. At the same time, the adults called the kids back. So they did.

The next day, the sun comes out, on the ground, there only left two wide stick, two cornflake, a carrot, and a broken pencil. When the kids saw that, they were very disappointed. Suddenly, the kids heard the adults called them to go back. When those kids went back, their mum gave them a snowman ice cream. ‘Hooray!’ They all jumped, shouting loudly.





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  1.   rum2016 on December 10th, 2016          Reply

    wow hope you win

  2.   Mrs Vaughan on December 21st, 2016          Reply

    I love the idea of cornflakes for eyes. Great piece of writing.

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