Luceus and The Sphinx By Heba! :D

Many years ago, (even before your great grandmother was a twinkle in her father’s eye) on the island of Crete there stood a wide maze. The king threw several people in and out of the maze (Occasionally, to inspect how large the maze was) But soon there would be no site of them. Surprisingly, the people of Crete soon found their reason…                               LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY!

Long ago, there lived a wise man named Luceus. after he had heard the horrific news, he was prepared to stop this nonsense. In the maze there was a monster named the Sphinx. The Sphinx was Half Vampire – Half Wolf. So, of course that meant he likes to suck blood (By the way, vampires always like to suck blood. Unfortunately) The spinx was more likely to suck human blood. Of course he was a wolf so if anyone was get thrown in they were sure to find their way out before midnight. Luceus once overheard the king of Crete and Athens make a deal for two boys and two girls of Athens to get eaten by the Sphinx. Lucus told his king he was going to poison the Sphinx and said he knew recipe, but unfortunately he had not known a slight off the recipe. ” You can’t do that you silly boy! He will shred you into pieces in a millisecond!” Bellowed the king in fear.                                                                                                                  As Luceus was walking down a hill one morning he pleaded his god, Strillo, ” Please inform me how to invent the poison to kill The Sphinx!”                                                                                                                                                                      ” Luceus, don’t worry i have just the thing! You will find the ingredients written on the floor on your way back home, but when you find them say the words written next the recipe that is the spell to bring them to you, Good day!”              One the way back he found several words. He got back home and added the ingredients.

Afterwards, he found his way into the centre of the maze. He heard loud stomps approaching himself. The Sphinx appeared  behind  Luceus. Luckily, he cornerd the Sphinx forcefully. He took out his sword and slayed The Sphinx. Eventually, Luceus found his way back and the Citizens thanked Luceus, the king was truly proud of his son. Luceus felt a little shiver of grateness.



BY HEBA ;D (Please give me feedback on the comments)



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