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A peacefull place

All the people are full with joy, A little boy is playing with his dog in the silky snow, The couple on the ice are enjoying there self’s, All the peoples teeth were chattering, They were as cold as an ice cube, The bridge was covered in white silky snow, All of a sudden a […]

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Cinderella with a twist!!

Once a pon a time, there was a girl named Cinderella. She had two nasty step sisters and they weren’t the best step sisters. They are extremely sly and dirty. They were two lazy witches They treated the poor Cinderella as a slave. she had to do clean the floor the do the washing with […]

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You need to donate money for children in need!!

You people who are probably having a great life, need to raise some money for children in need! Do you even care? It could be 50 pence with you donate over 1 pound that’s amazing. Think about the people who cant talk read write or not able to walk please it would mean the world […]

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