Winter scene homework challenge!

Your writing challenge this week is to use the scene below as a stimulus for some creative writing. You could use it as inspiration for a poem, a descriptive piece or a story. There is no word limit! I have been really impressed with some of the writing on previous challenges. Keep up the good work!


Dancing snowflakes pass  my window all dressed up…….

in patterens of different shapes

ever so softly and gently landing on the floor on there very tip toes in a special way of there own


As the evening slowly approaches……..

a winter wonderland was sweetly revealed

moonbeams shined,ever so brightly,leaving pictures and memories forever sealed.

Cinderella by taleaha

Once upon time  there was a girl a very pretty girl she was one of the prettiest girl around you might think she was ritch but she did not even have a  good dress instead she wore a a very bad dress her dress was was made up of old garbage bags and ropes . She had two step sisters very ugly sisters. And her step mother she was very rude horrible . Cinderella was kind to the animals around her because she thought she will never find really friends . and this is were the story begins . one dark Rainey night her two evil ugly step sisters were singing . cinders was of course cleaning up the mess her step sisters made she feels sad and annoyed by her sisters singing . one minute later there was a very loud nock on the door boom boom boom . Cinderella opens the door as slow as a snail then she said hey the short men did not reply instead he waited till she said come in they all sat down Cinderella said in a jolly voice what can I do to help.One of the men blushed and said everyone is invited to the  ball  you must come and look good . Cinderella was shocked she has never went to a ball ran and jumped and screamed .the two ugly step sisters came out took the letter and read every bit of it . then said ha ha you are not going to the ball.Cinderella ran to the basement were she cried until she fell asleep the was no one there so she went down the cold steps and cleaned up . Then there was a old looking lady she said let’s get you dressed then  Cinderella asked her how this is all I have . That’s why I am her the old women said the women pulled out her wond and boom Cinderella looked like a different girl . the fairy said no one will notice you hurry by midnight my magic runs out Cinderella took another horse to ride there on . she walked in the palace slowly and steady then she turned around . she blushed she thought she was dreaming she was filled up with love . The prince said you must be my wife . Cinderella said  I I I I …… bye I have to go she ran as fast as a cheetah . the next day five men came nocking on the door asking to try this very good shoe on the to ugly sisters they said yessss plz its mine . the five men tryed the shoe on the ugly sisters hoping its not going to fit . Luckily it did not fit they tryed the other girl . Did not fit they asked is they is any other the  step mother replyed no no  Cinderella ran down the cold steps me what about me . The five men put on the shoe it fits . Cinderella and her Prince lived happily together . the problem was she left all her friends behin.




Cindrella Challenge

Once upon a time there lived a lovely and graceful girl, her name was  Cinderella she lived with  her Dad and her mother they were a happy family. Until that day Cinderella’s mother got sick  and she died . As the years went by Cinderella had a happy life ,then one morning Cinderella’s   Father called her “Cinderella come meet your new stepmother and you step sisters ” Cinderella’s face dropped with fear.  As Cinderella walked down the old posh vintage stairs she peered  and when saw her ugly stepsisters and her step mother when she saw there face froze with terror like a  dear saw with  headlights of a car


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Cinderella poem by Zoha


She rescues pets, but nasty names is all she gets.

                 She dreams of one day,of finding love someone who

                    will make her dreams come true,but she washes and cleans

                            and shops a lot. Her ugly sisters( and the one with

                                blisters )  makes her dresses that are an disaterous

               outrage it makes no one want to be her maid.The

                             ugly  sisters who went to the ball made darling little

Cinderella get locked up in a slimy celler, she shouted for help.

TheFairy godmother appearing in a blaze  as she came Cindy shouted for the ball and there she was dancing with a prince which made hersisters gasp  and shout they we’re gone and Cindey lived happily ever after The End

Cinderella with a twist:)by Shenae

once in a small village far far away in Austraalia there was a little, cute baby called Ella. She had blondy brown hair, she had a beautiful mother with blond hair, her name was Lisa. Ella had a handsome father,called Dave, who worked very hard for their little family of theirs.One day , they had to move house because they had a leek in the roof and didn’t have the money to fix it.They moved to a village where the Royal family lived. When they arrived in the new village, they went to see the castle that the Royal family lived in. Luckily,the family was is the castle and they saw the Queen and her sons, the princes.”Hello, how are you?We are new to the village your majesty.” Lisa said softly.

“Hello what a gorgeous little baby you have, and I am fine thank you,” announced the Queen.”I must go now to an I am going to a very important meeting with the  prime minister of the city.”

“Bye bye now your majesty!” called  Lisa and Dave

The next four years, life lives on and Ella grew up. She was in school and she was smart. Unfortunately, Dave  died. He worked as a person in parliament, he was a very important person so he had a fantastic funeral, even the Queen came.

Little Cinderella Is Cursed : o

Once upon a time, there was a pretty little girl named Cinderella, she lived in a cursed house but never saw or heard anything, but then everything changed .

One day Cinderella woke up and had her breakfast, did her chores and had a rest. During that rest she heard a laugh ”He he ha ha”, screamed a ghost. Cinderella thought that wasn’t normal. Then she heard ”Mama!”, the ghost screamed.

For 5 minutes it was normal again, suddenly…A POLTERGEIST ATTACK CAME!!!!!!


Cinderella with a twist!!

Once a pon a time, there was a girl named Cinderella. She had two nasty step sisters and they weren’t the best step sisters. They are extremely sly and dirty. They were two lazy witches They treated the poor Cinderella as a slave. she had to do clean the floor the do the washing with she didn’t do what the two step sisters asked her to do she would be sorry! Cinderella had no one to talk to, the only people she had to talk to was the mise. The mise could talk. They would make Cinderella chuckle Cinderella when she was about to go the sleep. The next day there was ball at 6.30.

“CINDERELLA” sreamed the two sisters. “what is it”bellowed Cinderella. “We are going to the ball” in 1 hour”said one of the girls. “W-we-we-well does that mean I can come to” trembled  Cinderella. “NO NOT FOR ONE SECOND YOU ARE COMING” boomed one of the sisters. “W- wh-why whats the reason I cant come to the ball? “i’ll  tell you why, because you pester us all the the time and I cant stick you yapping in my face.” I never yapp in your face” said the poor girl.” Goodbye little girl” chuckled the step sister.

Cinderella was deverstated that she couldn’t go to the ball. “IT’S NOT FAIR” screamed the poor girl. Cinderella went up to her room and something happened. Her magical fairy god mother appeared out of nowhere. “You look upset don’t cry” wispered the fairy god mother.”W-Wh-who are you” cried the girl.”I am your fairy god mother” said the fairy god mother”.” Are they real” bellowed Cinderella? “OFCORSE THEY ARE”boomed the fairy god mother. She was in shock what Cinderella said. To be continued…

Cinder’s Wake Up Call

Once upon a time in a kingdom far far away there lived a beautiful young girl called Cinderella. A sweet girl was Cinderella always out to help could do no wrong, always had a smile on her face. She lived in a little village just out site the kingdom of Minaj where there lived a wicked queen called Nicki who ran here kingdom with an iron fist.


Cinderella had a lovely voice and would sing and dance at every opportunity. One day while she was out in the village helping the farmers wife Rihanna bring in the cow’s for milking singing her little heart out, she heard a trumpet from the distance and horses coming towards them. They both looked up to see that the King Drake and two of his henchmen where comming towards the village. Cinderella and Rihanna went to meet them to see what brought had brought them here. Drake the approached and asked where was that beautiful singing was coming from and Cinderella blushing said your majesty it was me I just love to sing the Iam glad you appreciated it. Yes it was lovely and I would like for you to come to the castle and sing for the queen for her birthday. Cinderella said I would be honoured. Tomorrow it is then said the prince and then left. Cinderella was so excited to be chosen to sing for this special occasion and went home to prepare herself for the day to come.


Next day Cinderella woke up early and made her way to the castle. When she arrive she was met by the kings maids and they dressed her in some of the most finest clothes she had ever seen. King Drake then arrived at the room and informed her that she would the first on  cermony and then left. Cinderella was happy and smiling away to herself not noticing that one of the maids had seen this as flirting and quickly ran off to inform queen Nicki of what had been going on.


Time came for Cinderella performance as she walked into the big hall with everybody looking at her and began to sing queen Nicki looked at Drake’s response and put two and two together and was not happy and asked one of her guards to get Cinderella to come to her quarters after she had finished singing. Cinderella finished singing and was approached by the guard and escorted to her quarters where Nicki was there waiting for her in not the best of moods ruthless as she was she just pulled out a machete and said “no one messes with my man” and cut her head off.


The  End



RUMAIL__100__word__challenge__HOMEWORK ***(Cliff hanger)***


One sunny morning Cinderella woke up in her rather  small ,lumpy ,grey and dusty bed. The surroundings matched with her bed, laminated floor, white walls and stained windows. She lived with 2 stepsisters, one tall and thin  and one fat and short. But both very ugly, in fact they looked like twin trolls with humongous noses and elephant ears!

One cold night, Cinderella was half asleep when she heard pounding foot steps walk hardly and heavily. Poor Cinderella started to get chills. when the noise grew louder she closed her eyes and wished the noise would go away but it seemed that the more she was wishing it would go away it just got louder and louder. Eventually the noise stopped.

Cinderella finally opened her eyes. She sighed , oh its that fat step sister of mine. How could I have been   so stupid all along!

                                                                                                                             Thanks for reading, you pleasure.

From the desk of Rumail

Errin’s: Butterella’s story part 1

In a forest called Apple Lake, there was a little cottage. The cottage was very pretty, it had a cute, little wooden door and hanging gardens. Beside the little cottage there was a beautiful flower bed with roses and buttercups and all kinds of flowers. Anybody who happened to be camping or traveling or even passing by seemed to gaze at it, wishing to live there. The people living inside the cottage were very mean, snobby and cruel, sometimes they even stole! Their names were very unusual names, they were Pencil and Rubber. Pencil was a very tall, nasty and thin woman who never smiled. Rubber was quite different but still just as nasty, she was very wide and short and she always made fun of anybody, if she was bored and there was nothing going on she would push somebody or a thing like that and then make fun. Because they were too lazy to do any housework, as soon as they got the little cottage they adopted a little girl and named her Bella. All through her life Bella worked and worked, she did all the chores and washed the dishes until her hands went numb. The thing Bella did best was cook, she made stews, pies, soups, puddings and every now and again, Pencil and Rubber would command Bella to make a cake for them each and both would say FOR THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND KIND WOMAN IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. Because of her cooking talent, Rubber made up a nickname for her, it was called Butterella, and because she had been called this name since she was 6 she used it most of the time. Our story will now finally begin, on Butterella’s sixteenth birthday…

Butterella was laying on her bed, wondering what her birthday will be like. On her tenth birthday she got a stale piece of her least favorite cake, Yabber’s Uber Cake, otherwise known as YUC or as Butterella likes to call it Yuk. On her thirteenth birthday she got a piece the size of a mouse of chocolate cake. Suddenly, Pencil came in and muttered the happy birthday song, then, without warning she screamed “GET TO WORK YOU LAZY SLOB AND COOK US SOME DINNER!!! WE GOT SOME BREAKFAST OURSELVES AND YOU OVERSLEPT BIG TIME!” Butterella jumped out of bed and got changed. As soon as she got downstairs, cooked dinner and done all the housework she walked up to Rubber and asked ” Um, I…I have done all the housework, can I have my…uh…birthday cake now?” Rubber nodded and sniggered, Butterella rushed to the fridge and opened it, and there she found a piece of fruit cake! She grabbed it, went outside and sat on the green grass, gazing at the gigantic trees towering over her. She quickly nibbled her fruit cake, but right next to her was a little rabbit. The rabbit looked at Butterella, then quickly snatched the fruit cake right out of her hand! Quickly, Butterella got up and gasped “Hey! Give that back!” The rabbit quickly turned around and ran, carrying the piece of fruit cake in it’s mouth. Butterella quickly pulled herself together and dashed into the woods, chasing the little rabbit…

Part 2 coming soon.

Cinderella story with a twist!😉

👸💐 Happily never after!💐👸

One early morning, a girl called Cinderella woke up from her five hour sleep, she never had a proper sleep. Cinderella was beautiful and a elegant,  special girl.  She’d always have to do chores and she never got a break. Her parents past away when she was only a 10 year old girl then ……..she had a awful step mother and two step sisters, they thought they were beautiful but as you know in every story they’re always ugly! This story might not be like any other story but we will see!

Cinderella’s ugly two sisters always called her Cindy, and she would always never be able to go outside only to school with her friend called Rockefeller. Rockefeller was Cindy’s  best friend and was always her partner for everything. At school they had a horrible teacher who was strict called Miss battle axe (for nearly two years!). They had a annoying boy in there class called Henry!(known as horrid Henry!)

Today at there school there was a knew boy in there class, he was called Prince Vaughan! “He looks handsome!” whispered Rockefeller.

“Yeah he does!” replied Cindy while both of them was just staring at him. After school, the two girls walked home and couldn’t stop thinking about him.

The next morning Cindy went to go and get the post, one was for everybody and said………..

Dear people of my kingdom,

I am having a royal ball at my palace tonight . Everyone will be invited including you. I am having this royal ball because I am trying to find a new princess for my prince. So who ever shows up tonight the prince may choose a bride and will Marry her!

From your king!

Suddenly, Cindy’s ugly sisters snatched the invitation and shouted “MUM WE HAVE BEEN INVITED TO A ROYAL BALL BECAUSE HE NEEDS SOMEONE TO MARRY!” as soon as possible her step mum came rapidly down the stairs to see the invitation.

“We will go to the ball but first, we need new beautiful dresses to catch the prince’s eyes so he will instantly fall in love with you!” cried the mum as she hurried to organise the chariot.

“But what about me can I go?” asked Cinderella

“NO WAY!!!!” shouted her step mother as Cinderella cried and ran in the garden. As she sobbed on the bench behind her,  a amazingly bright glow started to go bigger and bigger and suddenly, POP there appeared out of no where a fairy Godmother was watching her as she started wondering why Cindy was crying.” Why are you crying my dear?” asked the Fairy Godmother as Cindy turned and saw her face.

“I am crying because I can’t go to the ball!” sobbed Cindy.

“Oh yes you will go to the ball with just a pinch of my wand because I am your fairy Godmother! I will not stop until you do!” said the Fairy Godmother. Then, her wand started to glow then suddenly Cinderella’s dress was as blue as the sky and as sparkly as stars, with crystal shoes and beautiful hair. “They won’t recognise you but, make sure you come back before midnight or the spell will be broken!” whispered the Fairy Godmother as she magically made a chariot out of a pumpkin.

“Then I will go to the ball!” said Cindy in a soft voice. So of she went wondering if Rockefeller would be there. When she arrived she stepped out of the chariot and entered the gates of the palace. Inside the palace she finally saw her best friend, Rockefeller.” Hi so glad you could make it in time!!” said Rockefeller in a joyful voice , she was full of excitement.

“Look there is the prince come on!” whispered Cinderella as they calmly walked near the prince. As the prince turned around he asked Rockefeller to dance not Cinderella, she got a bit upset and just had some food and went back home. The next day, another letter came and said……..

Dear citizens of my kingdom,

Our prince has found a bride called….. Rockefeller they’re wedding is tomorrow night and the prince would like everybody again to come to his wedding, including our new Princess’s friends and family.

From your beloved king!

Cinderella was still very upset and told her step family all about the letter and so was her step sisters disappointed and upset they started to cry. She was so angry and upset that she did not go to the wedding. Every horrible day she would hear about her ex-best friend getting the best life leaving Cindy to the worst.

The End!!💎

So this story wasn’t like any other story, this is happily never after! Thank you for reading my story!

From Sarah!😎

Cinderella and crystal shoes. by Jack Xu

Once upon a time, on a busy street, there was a brown house, in the house, there lived a family, and one of the family was called: Cinderella. She had two sisters, those two sisters were nasty lady. They always asked Cinderella do some lame things like: washing, cleaning……When those two sisters were playing, Cinderella was working, but she didn’t want to, so she was unhappy and she couldn’t help to cry.

One day, in the palace, there was a party, anyone can join this party. Those two sisters wanted to join the party, they put their best clothes on, and then, they set off. Cinderella wanted to join in, too. So she ran outside to ask her two sisters could she join the party, but her sisters said no. Cinderella was very disappointed. Suddenly, Cinderella saw a fairy, that fairy whispered to her, ‘I saw you work very hard every day, I will give you a dress, crystal shoes, and a carriage. But, if you didn’t come back at 12 o’clock, you will lose everything I give you, do you remember?’

‘Yes, thank you very much!’ Cinderella said happily. Just then the fairy lost in the air, at the same time there was a dress on her body; shoes on her feet; a carriage towards her. Then, she sat in the carriage, and start off to the palace.

When the king saw her, he loved her at once, so he wanted to dance with her, Cinderella agreed, when the time was 11:40, Cinderella knew the time was nearly up, so she ran out of the palace, sat in the carriage, and went home. The king didn’t know why. Just then he saw Cinderella lost one of the crystal shoes, so, he asked his attendant go through the town to find Cinderella, when the attendant visited that brown house, he let Cinderella put her foot in the shoe, it exactly fitted!, so, he took Cinderella to the palace again.

When the king saw Cinderella was back, he was so happy. Soon they got married.




Once upon a time, there lived a girl called Cinderella. She was very beautiful, and elegant. Her mother died when she was three so, her father married a mean, ugly woman. With her two nasty daughters! The step mother and sisters made Cinderella do all the hard work. A few days of working the mail man came, and gave a letter. The step sisters ripped it open, and gave a little laugh “hehe” the sisters told Cinderella that the prince was looking for a bride, they said ” you can go!” Cinderella was excited and got dressed up and went. Cinderella’s dress got ripped as she ran! Just then the evil fairy god mother came. “Hello child, I can help you” Cinderella explained that she was going to the ball,and right before Cinderella could say anything she  fixed the dress. However she said that if you come back before 12 o’clock, or I will turn your loved ones into MONSTERSSSS. She promised and went of. As she stepped inside it looked like a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! Cinderella got terrified and Zombies saw her and said “BRAINNNNSSSS MORE BRAINNNNSSS” Cinderella ran back home before 12 o’clock, and the evil fairy godmother came and said “you made the wrong decision” and turned cinderella’s loved ones into monsters! Cinderella cried and Only wanted a good life. Cinderella went back and stayed there till 12 o’clock and was still horrified. Her loved ones were back to normal and Cinderella never went out ever again, AND LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER

Cinderlla’s Twist!-Challenge

Once upon a time was a girl called Cinderlla,she had 2 step sisters that she hates,she used to treat them like maids “Ppfftt!work harder anestisa!”laughed Cinderlla “Can we take a break?..”whispered anestisa “Ugh ok…”Cinderlla smirked since the 2 stepsisters mom died Cinderlla took over.Cinderlla heard something on the door “Yes?” She said nicely “there is the Royal Mail mistress”as he gives the mail,Cinderlla snatched it from his hand and ripped it open.She screamed and her face turned red with excitement but one of her stepsisters snatched it and almost fainted for what she saw!they told Cinderella she couldn’t come because of what she did,they left without her,her face turned red as a bull.She went outside and cried thinking why couldn’t she overcome them.After that a black light flashed and it was her fairy godmother “WHO ARE YOU!?”Cinderlla screaming for help “your fairy godmother hehehe I’ll get you ready precious…”she chuckled as she said Bib a de baba de BOO! And alerted her come back at 12:00 or she will become a PUMKIN Cinderlla didn’t know the godmother tricked her eyes she gave her ugly fat gown,Cinderlla went off her journey and waved goodbye and when she arrived everyone gasped and laughed Cinderlla saw she got tricked and went home and cried and said she’ll never do anything bad again 



Let me tell me about a boy called Samuel. He had brain damage so he could not walk , talk or do anything that uses  thinking. It was hard for Samuel’s mom and dad because they have another son and the son [Joshua] had no one to play with. Sometimes Joshua go’s to his room and cries because he is lonely UNTIL… the children in need charity came along and saved Samuel. Samuel went to classes to learn how to walk. Samuel’s mum and dad said “I can’t believe that he is doing so well.” Please help more children like Samuel.

Cinderella with a twist – homework challenge!

As December approaches, we are going to be starting to prepare our Christmas performance. This year, we will be performing a pantomime – Cinderella and Rockerfella. Your homework writing challenge this week is to create your own version of Cinderella with a twist that makes it different from the original. It could be turned into a comedy, a tragedy (with a sad ending), a horror or could have some different characters/events/settings/ending to the original story.

Make it your own and BE CREATIVE!  Good luck!

You need to donate money for children in need!!

You people who are probably having a great life, need to raise some money for children in need! Do you even care? It could be 50 pence with you donate over 1 pound that’s amazing. Think about the people who cant talk read write or not able to walk please it would mean the world to me if you donated a little bit of copper. If you don’t donate, that’s just being really horrible and greedy. Imagine you were in their posision that wouldn’t be good. you would want people to donate well in your spare time have think about the poor people!

by Kyle. Class mr.vaughn

Our children need your help!!

All over our country there are children that need you!

They deserve to smile, be happy in everything they do.

Every penny you give will touch their heart,

people like you play a big part.

Your donations are able to help children be the best they can be,

the smile on their faces you will see.

So you have the power to make a difference and to give a child a happy life  to lead,

by simply donating to children in need.

People like you can make children’s dreams come true,

you could make amazing things happen so THANK YOU!!


Some children need help! Jack

Every child can be a fantastic person, he or she has his/her own talents. But, if he or she has gone lots of problems, then he or she can be a great person. When some children were born, they could not talk, stand, or walk. Their mum or dad can help them, but their family were poor, maybe their mum and dad did not know anything, because they did not have enough money to go to school, so they could not teach their kids, but, you can give them some money to help them go to school.

In this world, there are so many poor children who need help, so, please help them!


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